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TeachAbroadGPS is a recruitment company based in Shanghai, China that connects current and aspiring ESL and Subject teachers to schools/companies that provides fulfilling employment. We are aware of the numerous challenges that may arise during the job search in a different country that involves negotiating contracts, transitioning to a new work environment and culture. We would like to use our knowledge and expertise of working and living internationally to bridge those gaps between all stakeholders.

Our story

This company was formed during the pandemic crisis of 2020; this situation gave us a unique understanding of the challenges that teachers and schools face. As a company we have quickly learnt how to handle a variety of unique situations. This experience has made us resolute in finding solutions that work. 

Our values

We are HONEST about our connections and processes; we believe in transparency. Our team is PASSIONATE about solving problems and finding solutions. We aim to ensure that all our partners have a positive EXPERIENCE. We will maintain the consistency and QUALITY of our service from start to finish to ensure satisfaction.

our vision

We want our partners to have an eye opening, cultural and professional experience that will change how they view the world. We hope to offer much more than a job placement service; we hope to offer an enriching opportunity for both the teachers and hiring organizations.  We want to be the CATALYST for their growth.


TeachAbroadGPS believes that our unique processes and capabilities gives us the ability to offer an essential and high-quality service to our partners. We connect the right teachers to the right schools and ensure that contract negotiations are smooth and that there is ongoing compliance between both parties. We offer tailored solutions for any additional services that may be required outside our main service. This includes professional makeovers, visa application and renewals, apartment search, remittances and more.


We screen our teachers and schools to ensure they meet high standards.


We assist in contract negotiations to ensure a fair result for both parties.


We connect the right teacher to the right organization and support both continuously.


We are excited to offer a variety of teaching jobs and we would love to connect you to the job that is best suited for you. Please contact us for further assistance. 



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requirements for teaching in china ?

Age: 22-60, Bachelor Degree or higher, Teaching Certification (T.E.FL, T.E.S.O.L, etc), Non-Criminal Record, Health Check, Native speaker (ESL jobs) and Valid Passport.


The length of the process can vary widely. Based on our experience it takes around 40-60 working days if applying from outside of China and 22-25 working days if already in China for the entire process.


Currently we offer ESL and subject teaching jobs in kindergartens, mddle, primary, high shools, universities and training centers. 

Where are your jobs?

Our job opportunities are currently in Mainland China in tier 1-3 cities but we adverstise jobs from all over China.



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