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About Our Company

TeachAbroadGPS is a recruitment company based in Shanghai, China that connects current and aspiring ESL and Subject teachers to schools/companies that provides fulfilling employment. We are aware of the numerous challenges that may arise during the job search in a different country that involves negotiating contracts, transitioning to a new work environment and culture. We would like to use our knowledge and expertise of working and living internationally to bridge those gaps between all stakeholders.

Our Story

This company was formed during the pandemic crisis of 2020; this situation gave us a unique understanding of the challenges that teachers and schools face. As a company we have quickly learnt how to handle a variety of unique situations. This experience has made us resolute in finding solutions that work.

Our Values

We are HONEST about our connections and processes; we believe in transparency. Our team is PASSIONATE about solving problems and finding solutions. We aim to ensure that all our partners have a positive EXPERIENCE. We will maintain the consistency and QUALITY of our service from start to finish to ensure satisfaction.

Our Vision

We want our partners to have an eye opening, cultural and professional experience that will change how they view the world. We hope to offer much more than a job placement service; we hope to offer an enriching opportunity for both the teachers and hiring organizations. We want to be the CATALYST for their growth.

Our Team

We are a diverse team of locals and foreigners who are adept at navigating a variety of cultures and business situations. Our management team has years of experience in both business and education.


Audrey is a Chinese national who studied Business English at Yangtze University in China. With over two years serving in education sector and two years in the sales industry coupled with her excellent English skills and her knowledge of Chinese labour laws, she will significantly contribute to smooth contractual agreements between teachers and organizations we serve.


Michael is a Jamaican who studied at St. John’s University in the Minnesota, U.S.A. He has lived in Shanghai, China for 13 years and recently founded a marketing company and also works in corporate training. He currently volunteers as the Marketing Director for the Jamaican Association China. He is hoping to leverage his years of experience in a positive way.


Harry is from the U.S. He has lived, worked and has been traveling to China since 2007. He has management experience in multiple industries; manufacturing, sales disribution, and Financial Technology. He is focused on problem solving and creating value through strong relationships.