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Painting the perfect picture: Resume & Intro Video Essentials

WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT? Who are you? What makes you different? What’s so special about you? Your resume and introduction videos are the first glimpses that an employee gets of you. They need to stand out. They need to show that you’re the best candidate for the job. Your resume should not only list your

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Are you achieving your full earning potential?

Recently a lot of companies have terminated their workers and a majority of those who are still employed were explicitly told by their employees that the chances of a pay raise in the near to medium term were nil to none. How should teachers feel about this? On one hand, you’re grateful that you are

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New Normal, New Experiences, New Opportunities!

NEW NORMAL! NEW EXPERIENCES! NEW OPPORTUNITIES! There have been talks about a new normal, but what does normal even mean? A dictionary definition would tell you that normal means conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. But these standards are also shared by our experiences and perceptions, so what I may perceive as normal,

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