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We are a recruitment company that recruits qualified teachers for ESL and Subject teaching jobs in Asia. We are currently based in Shanghai, China.

Our available teachers are mainly from the Caribbean and North America. 

Yes, all our teachers are screened and are able to meet any legal requirements to work in a specific country.  This could include national & local criminal background checks, local and national health checks. It is essential for our long term growth to ensure we work with people that are safe and trustworthy. 

We have access to up to 300-500 teachers who are already in-country. Once the international travel restrictions are lifted we will have a much larger pool of teachers. 

Our teacher placement services fee range from 10,000 – 15,000 rmb which is paid by the hiring organization after the teacher is on board. We will manage the relationship between teacher/school for the entire duration of the contract. If the teacher quits during the probationary period, we will be responsible for finding a replacement.

Both schools and teachers will have access to additional services that we offer at discounted rates such as contract negotiation, visa application/renewal, apartment search, travel planning & team building, and others. 

There are many challenges when it comes on to teaching in a new environment. It is up to the hiring organization to clearly communicate what is expected from the teacher so that the teacher is able to manage expectations and plan time commitments. Work is not only related to teaching, but it is also about the hiring organization providing the right environment for the teacher to meet his/her potential we will support both parties in ensuring that this is done.



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