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New Normal, New Experiences, New Opportunities!


There have been talks about a new normal, but what does normal even mean? A dictionary definition would tell you that normal means conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. But these standards are also shared by our experiences and perceptions, so what I may perceive as normal, for you it may be the opposite. 


Take wearing a mask for example, in China this is something that we are usually wearing but for the world, it’s not their “normal”. So how does one adapt? How does one deal with normal being normalized? At the start of Covid-19, most people saw it as a vacation of sorts. Stay inside, binge watch your favorite series in your pajamas and sleep as much as you want. That got old pretty quickly though as the novelty soon wore off and life as we knew it changed.

The past three months have been riddled with uncertainty and frustration especially for ex-pats living in this great country. Not only were we fighting against the virus and trying to protect our physical and mental health but we were also in another fight with those to who we had entrusted our fate too. Our employers! 

Leaving your home country and traveling to another is not an easy feat, coupled with a language barrier and different customs, it is a dreadfully scary experience. However, if we should weigh the pros and cons, most would agree that the fulfillment it provides us makes it worthwhile. But this feeling has been put to the test recently. 
Teachers have had to deal with a lack of transparency with their recruiters and schools. They have been mistreated and misrepresented on numerous occasions, all of which have led to a breakdown of relations with employers and teachers. It was Hellen Keller who said, “Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of overcoming it”. 



Atmosphere of Trust

Open Communication

Complete Transparency

These qualities we realized were grossly lacking between teachers, recruiters, and schools while we were trying to assist people who were faced with difficult situations due to Covid-19. It was during this time that we recognized that we have the necessary skills and tools to handle many of the potential quandaries teachers and schools may face from dealing with contract issues, visa applications, last-minute travel arrangements and just helping people navigate complex issues. 


That does not have to be the case. We’ve created a company that hopes to alleviate a lot of concerns from teachers and schools. Our core values are HONESTYINTEGRITY, and QUALITY and as such, we work with schools that have the highest standards and we also expect this from the teachers we work with. We help the schools we work with to develop a more long-term holistic view of hiring and managing teachers. Our vision is to create a successful environment for both teachers and schools. 


The late President of Harvard University in Cambridge, MA: Charles William Elliot once said “Truth and right are above all utility in all realms of thought and action”. But what if we told you, that there was a way to have all three? You can walk in the truth, be in the right, and exercise utility by taking advantage of our founders many years of experience. 

Through our vast knowledge of the local education industrycross-cultural communicationliving abroadlocal labor laws, and best business practices we are able to create a mutually beneficial situation for teachers and schools. 

Relations forged on trust and mutual respect are needed now more than ever. Let us help you successfully form the right alliances in this “new normal”.  Pop culture says you can’t have your cake and eat it too but we say why not have two cakes?

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