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Please include details such as 1) How many students in the class? 2) Age of students 3) Working Days 4) Working & Office Hours 5) Need to create own material? 6) Any other key information?? 请给我们提供更多信息,例如1)一个班级有几位学生?2)学生年龄;3)工作日和休息日;4)上课时间和办公时间;5)老师需要自己准备上课资料,还是学校统一提供?6)其他关键信息
Please include any other important information here that is not included below. 若有其他我们没有提及的关键信息,请在下方告诉我们
List if a specific type of degree needed. eg. Education, History, etc. 若需要指定专业的老师,比如教育学、历史学等,请列在下方。
Please input the teaching certificate required for the job. TEFL, TESOL, etc.请填写需要的教师资格证,例如tefl,tesol等等