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We are a diverse team of locals and foreigners who are adept at navigating a variety of cultures and business situations. Our management team has years of experience in both business and education.

senior director


Audrey is a Chinese national who studied Business English at Yangtze University in China. With over two years serving in education sector and two years in the sales industry coupled with her excellent English skills and her knowledge of Chinese labour laws, she will significantly contribute to smooth contractual agreements between teachers and organizations we serve.

senior director


Tanya is a Jamaican who studied at the University of West Indies, Mona in Jamaica and is also a certified ESL Educator. She has worked in the service industry for over 6 years where she dealt with customers globally. She has less than a year experience as an English teacher in China and is knowledgeable about the transition process.                               

managing director


Michael is also Jamaican who studied at St. John’s University in the Minnesota, U.S.A. He has lived in Shanghai, China for 13 years and recently founded a marketing company and also works in corporate training. He currently volunteers as the Marketing Director for the Jamaican Association China. He is hoping to leverage his years of experience in a positive way.



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