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Painting the Perfect Picture: Resume and Video Job Essentials

Who are you? What makes you different? What’s so special about you? 
Your resume and introduction videos are the first glimpses that an employee gets of you. They need to stand out. They need to show that you’re the best candidate for the job. Your resume should not only list your accolades but should also give an idea of your soft skills. Remember that time you helped to calm a distraught coworker? That’s crisis management. 
There’s no need to list everything that you’ve done or achieved, but it is necessary to list the ones that are relevant to the job. Your introduction video should be the perfect balance between entertaining and informative. Make mention of your achievements, but don’t bore the viewer by listing every single course you’ve done or every odd job you may have picked up along the way. Stick to what is vital and, in its simplest sense, video-friendly. 





Making an introduction video is sometimes an awkward process for most. Sitting in front of a camera and trying to sum up who you are in less than 2 minutes is no easy feat, even for the most confident of us. Some tips to killing it in that flick can be found below:

Resume writing does not have to be as daunting as it’s made out to be. You are talented and capable; let the words that you pen say so. You have a wonderful personality, and any job will be fortunate to have you; let the video that you record show that. 

You have TeachAbroadGPS to help you; let us do that. We will take whatever you give us, refine, and retool it to reflect the polished and perfect you. Contact us today for help in putting your best self forward and landing your ideal job.

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